Hello and welcome to all!


Dreamer full time, I want to travel even further, but not alone!


How to do? How to transmit this desire to share, and this thirst for learning again and again that tickles me forever. There are of course the books and all their knowledge accumulated over the centuries, but there is also the human and everything that goes with it. My passion for the medieval period, the thrillers and the world of writing in all its states led me to find this link which I hope you will bring as much as to me. It is for this mix of incredible riches that we are each other, that the Club Sherlock, St Louis and Cie was created.


Is your suitcase ready for this great trip?

I assure you, you have time to board. And when you're there, I'll unveil a part of my world in which I want to train, but only once you're well settled.


Wondering where we can go?

We go on an expedition to the world of crime fiction, medieval times, writing in general and entrepreneurship.


Know first and foremost that Sherlock Club, St Louis and Cie is completely FREE!


As you've read, it's not just these two themes that are discussed in the Club. Indeed, when I started the administrative procedures and everything that goes with the creation of business I encountered difficulties that I had to overcome as and when.


Following this, it seemed obvious to me to add in what was originally proposed Club Sherlock, St Louis and Cie a part dedicated to business that I hope will help you as much as me.


It's also a place where you'll be able to enjoy interviews with talented authors, unpublished columns, reading ideas, tips, resources for writers, business creators and more.


And if you do not know what to do next weekend, where the coming days you may be able to find your happiness in the events and the various international fairs to come. Club Sherlock, St Louis and Cie offers you other surprises.



Indeed Club Sherlock, St Louis and Cie is not that!



Want to know what I put in more?


An international professional directory!



Yes! A specialized international professional directory, meeting point of the themes tackled by the Club Sherlock, St Louis and Cie gathering the trades around writing and entrepreneurship.


Regarding my love for everything that revolves around crime and medieval times, two very special pages have been created so that all the fans of these two themes can find in the shops listed what to have fun like disguises to participate or organize: medieval parties, murder party or to have fun with period jewels, the last mug of Sherlock Holmes ...

The idea of this international professional directory came to me when I started looking for a publishing house for my novel "My self gets in turmoil". Having encountered many difficulties at different levels of my progress, I told myself that I was certainly not alone to meet this kind of problem and that it would be interesting to gather these parameters to make something to share between you Readers and you Actors of the world of writing.



What will you find there too? What can you do there?

- You will have the possibility to hold chronicles which will be inserted in the newspaper "A LA UNE"

- Answering an interview

- Announce loudly your events: book signings, parties, etc ...

- And much more...


With all this you will be able to: to distract you, to share, to learn, ...

and for all those who have sites, blogs:

- Increase your visibility,

- Increase your notoriety, increase the size of your communities,

- Convert your fans or subscribers into buyer,

- Find clients, ...


If you want to register in this international professional directory that I remind you is completely free, send us an email after reading the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

See you soon



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