International panorama of the 12 best writers residencies - by Sabine Arnault - France

Dernière mise à jour : 9 janv.

As you will understand, in this article today, there will be talk of writers' residences around the world. I applied myself believe me to select a superb panorama of residences where writing is the undisputed queen.

But first of all, let's answer this question:

what exactly is a writers' residency ?

What could be better then than to get closer to the Maison des écrivains - MEL (France) - to give us an exact definition:

Most often, authors' residences offer a work space favorable to creation with a place of reception and a duration of stay within the cultural structure or its surroundings. Individual or collective, these residences are accompanied by a purse or offer at least a gracious lodging. They generally include a project of creation, with or without a text command and, frequently, a project of cultural action with meetings, workshops, etc. Some are sustainable, often established in unique and heritage sites, others are punctual, initiated in particular by local communities. Finally, some residences do not offer a place of welcome but agree as an approach associating an author and a place through a project.

Here you know everything, so I'll let you enjoy this first slideshow of incredible international sites that will undoubtedly give you the desire to go there.