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Where do I find a good book editor? 

This is without doubt the question I receive most frequently from fellow writers. It’s a hard question to answer because, while finding an editor is easy, finding a good book editor is something else again.

I originally published this post a few years ago after asking other writing experts, whose opinions I trust, for their recommendations of freelance book editors. I then suggested readers post their own recommendations in the comments. In the intervening years, the comment section grew tremendously, while a few of the originally published editors went out of business.

So I decided it was high time I update the post.

The following editors are in alphabetical order, with their names linked to their websites, so you can do further research to discover which is best suited to your needs. I’ll continue adding to the list whenever an appropriate new name comes to my attention (you can always find the list on the Start Here! page—accessible from the site’s top toolbar).

If you you’ve personally worked with a good book editor, please feel free to add his or her name and URL in the comments. (If you’re an editor yourself and would like to be included, please ask one of your satisfied clients to nominate you.) The goal is to make this as useful a resource for everyone as possible.

The Top Recommended Freelance Book Editors

Marlene Adelstein 

Services: Developmental Editing, Publishing Consultations, Screenplay Editing.

Rates: Contact for rates.

Specialties: Commercial Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Memoir, and Screenplay.

Jennifer Blanchard

Services: Developmental Editing.

Rates: $.03 per word.

Specialties: Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Grace Bridges

Services: Line Editing, Developmental Editing, Proofreading.

Rates: $3–$30 per 1,000 words.

Specialties: Science Fiction, Fantasy.

Averill Buchanan

Services: Development Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, Indexing.

Rates: £8–£35 / €12–€45 per 1,000 words or £800–£1,200 / €950–€1,500 per 100,000-word book.

Specialties: Fiction, especially for independent/self-publishing writers.

Kelly Byrd

Services: Developmental Editing, Copyediting, Line Editing, Proofreading.

Rates: $12–$27 per 1,000 words.

Specialties: Crime and Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Memoir.

Sherry Chamblee

Services: Developmental Editing, Proofreading, Transcription.

Rates: Contact for rates.


Christian Fiction, Christian Non-Fiction, Children’s Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction.

Lauren Chasen

Services: Developmental Editing, Line Editing, Manuscript Evaluation, Non-Fiction Proposal Editing.

Rates: Contact for rates.

Specialties: Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Upmarket Women’s Fiction, Memoir.


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