Spotlight on the Brautigan Library (TBL) - USA - by Sabine Arnault

http://www.cchmuseum.org/research/the-brautigan-library/ http://www.thebrautiganlibrary.org/dig.html

Spotlight on the Braugitan Library (TBL) - The Brautigan Library is inspired by a fictional library described by Washington-born author Richard Brautigan (1935-1984) in his 1971 novel The Abortion: An Historical Romance, 1966.

Located in the small town of Vancouver in the south of Washington State, in the northwestern United States - Clark County Historical Museum more exactly, I discover a library like no other, a library as it would take a lot. It could have worked like any other, but it's not.

http://www.cchmuseum.org/research/the-brautigan-library/ http://www.thebrautiganlibrary.org/dig.html

As you can see, the Braugitan library has one particularity and no less, that of proposing only manuscripts rejected by publishers and which have never been published.

Home to more than 400 manuscripts written in English in only 14 categories, it provides for its many readers works hitherto unknown in paper and digital.

All writers deserve this display in the open regardless of the interests of the commercial publishing industry. Why should we only read novels published after all? We all have our own vision of life, so much to tell, to

share, an imprint to leave.

True jewels this library represents the unique vision and voice of everyone's values.

For my part, I only wish one thing that many other actions of this kind follow its path for the memory of all.

If you wish to know more and / or participate in increasing the number of manuscripts in digital format - PDF - (the library no longer has enough space for new physical manuscripts) you can send your manuscripts in any language, while necessarily providing a translation into English to increase the number of readers.

A manuscript acquisition number (MS #) will be assigned to your manuscripts. They will be included in the library catalog and kept on the digital page of the website (http://www.thebrautiganlibrary.org/dig.html). The digital copy of your manuscript will be available for download by anyone interested.

You may also contact museum staff by phone at (360) 993-5679 or by email at info@cchmuseum.org

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