The art and the way to be afraid between friends with the "Murder Party" by Sabine Arnault - France

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I'm already scared!

The night has just fallen. A wind to decorate the oxen blows violently, bending the trees in front of my window. The rain mixes with the painting, a beautiful storm is coming. Only in the house, installed behind my desk, facing the window, I observe for a few moments the nature so abused. The light floods with its sweetness my white page on which I will write this article. The atmosphere seems ideal to boost my imagination.

I sink into my thoughts, letting the night absorb me. The setting thus planted, I seek the words that will agree to enter this atmosphere of the "Murder Party".

Plunge into an atmosphere worthy of the greatest novels of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie without forgetting the greatest of this kind that I could not name so much there is gives me chills.

But above all, a question is needed:

What is a Murder Party?

Just these two words give me the tone of the answer, but look further if you want it.

My investigation brings me as the hours scroll down to find a wide variety of specialists in this field that I am about to deliver below, because I confess without shame never to have participated in this huge life-size Cluedo so better to let the professionals and lovers of this game tell us more like for example: the number of players, the theme, decoration, costumes, etc ...

The more I advance in this article, the more the desire to create one titillates me ... to follow ...:)


While waiting for me to decide, I go step by step among all these professionals. The storm is now well and truly there, I am very warm to observe the lightning that split the night, to let me surprise by this show that intertwines in the atmosphere that I need to continue writing.

But it is high time to reveal my favorite ones around the world, and yes for you I have found absolutely great sites that you can also find in the professional directory of Club Sherlock, St Louis and Co.

The list of my favorite ones is far from exhaustive as you can imagine. I will share them as and when promised, meanwhile I let them the initiative to present themselves, let's start with the French sites:


1) ABCrime :


7 Rue Chateaubriand, 75008 Paris

Since its creation in 2000, ABCrime specializes in the organization of murder parties for businesses, real police adventures in which a fictitious murder takes place. The aim of the budding detectives, during a murder party, is to unmask the culprit among a group of suspects, and to discover his motive and the evidence that confuses him. The letters of nobility of the murder party in France, are old, since in 1930, Elsie De Wolfe, aka Lady Mendl, introduced this very Anglo-Saxon concept in France, the country where however was invented the crime novel!

2) CBR Team Building :


22 Rue Bénard, 75014 Paris

CBR is:

An independent provider created in 1993

A team of project managers dedicated to the success of your events.

Effective solutions for your seminars, conventions and parties.

Personalized animations, in French and English, in France and in Europe.

The 1st Team Building agency referenced by the ACCOR Hotels group.

CBR Team Building is the European leader in team building through play.

3) La Boîte de Pan :


145 Boulevard Davout, 75020 Paris

A murder party is a role play Grandeur Nature, in which each participant will receive information about his character and improvise with others on the basis of a scenario. The organizers will have taken care to install the sets and provide elements to advance the story, which will often revolve around an investigation.

You think of organizing a murder party or you are looking for someone to organize it for you. You're at the right address.


The Box of Pan can come to organize your murder party for 10 to 300 participants, and this by proposing varied universes such as: Star wars, year 20, sixties, contemporary. Our games are easy to access and do not force anyone to stage or get involved more than they want. We employ professional actors to foster immersion in the story.

Whether you're looking for action-oriented or action-oriented games, or a game that focuses on intimate interactions to generate emotion and unforgettable scenes, the Box of Pan has a wide range of scenarios. Each month we also advise individuals and professionals who want to embark on the creation or organization of a game of this order.

4) Lock Academy :


25 Rue Coquillière, 75001 Paris

Stupor at the Lock Academy!

Last night, Sir Doyle, dean of the institution and Professor Lock's mentor, was murdered in his own office.

Who killed this living legend of the academy? In shock, Lock decides to send to the scene of the crime his finest team of apprentice detectives: yours!

You have one hour to investigate this drama in the manner of a giant Cluedo and find the motive, the murder weapon, and the culprit! But during your investigation, pay attention: appearances are sometimes misleading ...

Will you be smarter than the murderer?

5) Murder 2000 :


The Murder Party is an entertainment that consists of living, for an evening and with a maximum of realism, a detective adventure with its share of enigma, thrill and action.

The story, written in advance, is played by all participants who each embody a character. Of course, players do not know the story they will live.

More precisely, they only know what directly concerns their character: the context of their presence, their degree of involvement in the plot and the actions they would like to take during the evening.

To ensure the smooth running of the game and the scenario, some characters are played by the organizers. They are the only ones to know the whole story and it is they who organize the incidents of the evening possibly involving some players.

A few days before the game, each participant receives the card of the character he will play during the evening. It contains all the information about it: marital status, past, context, relationships with other characters, dress, character traits ... During the game, players must respect their character.

If, at first sight, the goal of the game is to find the assassin (s), it is above all to live an extraordinary and interactive adventure. Some can take advantage of their character, exploit the meetings or simply let themselves go in the story.

6) Mystère Prod :


19 Boulevard Rodin, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

Life-size survey evening

Become the time of a night a famous character of the beginning of the century!

Elucidate a police enigma: the culprit is necessarily among the guests!

So it's up to you to play and find who is behind the murderer ...

For this, you will be helped by the participants of your team

The time of an evening, you dive back into the 20's ...

Boa and cigarette holder for women!

Top hat & borsalino for men!

Find out, which suspect committed the irreparable ...

All presumed guilty!

Only the team that found this murderer will get on the podium!

7) Soirée Enquêtes :


Rouen et Normandie

The Soirées-Inquiries.com project was born out of the desire to pool energies and propose murder parties, cluedo giants and other evenings more regularly and structured surveys in the Normandy region. So after many meetings, crazy discussions and ideas were launched, proposed and finally mixed up so that this project could see the light of day.

Murder party in Rouen in Normandy

At first we were able to test some systems at the end of 2015, then improve the formula in early 2016 before launching more concretely and fiercely in September 2016. We currently have many themes of murder party and amount of evening surveys available. possible. In addition, we have established a few relationships and partnerships to develop this murder party project in Rouen and Normandy.

8) Teams Idées :


6 Rue Duret, 75116 Paris

Murders party, at the heart of a crime scene

Dare to reveal your talents as comedians or investigators during these team building murder party! Your team members will try to elucidate an intriguing multifaceted affair ... Between laughter, pleasure and thrill, discover the captivating and participative universe of our selection of investigative games in the city of your choice! This original theater workshop surprises the participants, values the interactions with the actors and between colleagues, also allowing to evacuate the stress by the imagination or the expression.


9) Murder Ink Production :


3602 N 16th St Phoenix, AZ 85016

Murder Ink Productions has produced murder mystery dinner theatre shows and team building events for over 3,000 clients - almost every company listed in the Fortune 500, as well as small businesses and resorts in the Southwest. We also offer special shows for small individual parties.  

Murder Ink Productions is the only murder mystery dinner theatre company in Arizona that can produce interactive events for 200 guests or more at most venues including those with several rooms. 

10) Murder Mystery :


Los angeles - Dallas - New york city

Keith O'Leary and Margo Morrison, creators of Murder Mystery Weekend and Murder Mystery USA, are award winning writers, producers, and directors with extensive backgrounds in motion picture, television, and theatrical production. Since 1985 they have been responsible for over 7000 live mystery productions worldwide and have been featured in the print and television media in 37 different countries.

Labeled as The Masterminds of the genre by the Los Angeles Times, their mystery weekends and events have been co-hosted by such luminaries as Mary Higgins Clark, Peter Falk, and Dr. Henry Lee, and have been featured on Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous as well as all major television networks.

With offices on both the East and West Coast they still travel extensively, producing weekends, dinners, private parties, a unique CSI team-building experience, as well as corporate events for virtually the entire Fortune 500.

11) My Mystery Party :



Downloadable murder mystery games and boxed kits.

100+ themes for all ages, gender combos, 5-200+ guests.

Easy to host, and the host plays along with the guests.

Staff of dedicated party analysts available 7 days/week to assist you.

Includes a free guest website with video game trailers and more.

We're a household name - featured on reality shows, media outlets, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

12) Night of Mystery :


Aurora, CO 80015

When the creator of Night of Mystery started writing mysteries (circa 2001), there was nothing on the market that she would want to throw for her friends. With that in mind, she set out to produce high-quality mysteries that ran like a party (no scripts), where the murder happens at the party, and were interesting and engaging. And from that… came Night of Mystery!

That's fun and learn more about how the "Murder Party" works.

On my side I took a crazy pleasure to discover this life-size game. Other articles will follow soon concerning him, patience, patience ...

In the meantime, you can visit the pages of the Club's professional directory to find out more.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have shops to recommend or are you owning sites in relation to the different pages of the directory, we will be happy to add them.

See you soon for the next article.


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