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Mis à jour : 30 août 2019


We’ve made it to the end of another year! I hope you’re able to look back at who you were at the beginning of 2018 and see many changes (for the better, of course!) in who you are now.

Honestly, I barely recognize the person I was back in January 2018. It’s been a huge year of personal growth for me, much of which either caused or was caused by an unexpected decision to move closer to my sister and her family.

As a result, much of my focus this year has been on external events more than book production. This is the first year in ten years in which I haven’t officially released a new book. I did unofficially release my historical superhero novel Wayfarer amidst all the craziness of my move this fall, but I did it on-the-hush so I could fiddle with some marketing experiments. I will be “officially” launching it sometime in January or early February at the latest.

Other stuff that happened for me this year:

Chinese translations of Creating Character ArcsFinished first draft of my portal fantasy sequel Dreambreaker5th mention of Helping Writers Become Authors in Writer’s Digest‘s 101 Best Websites for Writers

Other than officially launching Wayfarer any time now, my plans for 2019 include outlining the third and final book in the Dreamlander trilogy, as well as hopefully starting its first draft. I’m intending to focus most of my “business” time this year on odds and ends, such as moving the podcast to a better hosting platform, as well as doing more concentrated research on marketing keywords and perhaps even Amazon ads for my books (using Dave Chesson’s awesome KDP Rocket, which I’ll be reviewing in a post soon). For my next writing how-to book, I’m wanting to do something about theme, so I may start working on that toward the end of the year.

On a personal level, I’m becoming more and more committed to living a sustainable life with minimum waste (maybe someday I’ll get to zero waste!). I’ve already made huge strides toward swapping single-use products (such as napkins and tissues and even coffee filters) out of my life, in exchange for alternatives that can be reused many times (such as cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, and the awesome Coffee Sock). Getting better at finding food with zero or no plastic packaging is a goal for me this year, which also ties in with another of my personal goals: getting better at navigating and driving in unfamiliar places.

So that’s me this year! If you’d like to take a journey back through my top posts of 2018 (as judged by page traffic), check out the below list.

My Top 10 Posts of 2018

1. The 5 Secrets of Good Storytelling (That Writers Forget All the Time)

2. 5 Ways to Use the Enneagram to Write Better Characters

3. 5 Steps to Writing Great Character Chemistry

4. How to Intertwine Plot, Character, and Theme in Every Scene

5. How to Write Unique Themes

6. 3 Tips for Improving Show, Don’t Tell

7. 4 Steps for How to Turn an Idea Into a Story That Rocks

8. 4 Ways to Choose a Better Theme for Your Book

9. The 10-Step Checklist to Writing an Above-Average Novel

10. 4 Ways to Write a Better Antagonist

Wordplayers, tell me your opinions! What was the most memorable writing event in your 2018? Tell me in the comments!

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