Why Can’t I Finish Writing a Story?

I can’t finish a story. That’s it, I can’t finish writing a book. This makes me so frustrated because I can never finish a story. How do you actually finish a story?!

Hands up if this is you.

Why I can’t finish what I write? I start, write some pages or chapters, it is all fun and games, and then I give the story up or I can’t continue at all. I am blocked.

Every writer has been through that. The feeling of being stuck. Thinking ‘I can’t write a story’, ‘why can’t I finish a book?’, feeling you are not able to finish a story. Most people that start a story never finish it.

They are some main raisons for that.

1- You are blocked. You have the writer’s block. And you would do anything to get rid of it.

The first one is that you really are blocked. In this case, you can try some of the writer’s block cure that I wrote about in this article. It will help you to cure that block and get on with the story. It has a great writing prompt that will sure help you and it will also explain why you are feeling like this.

2- You don’t know how to continue:

You knew what to do, but now you are stuck. In this case, what you need is to OUTLINE the story.

It will help you to keep it going.

By outlining, you will know exactly what happens in EVERY scene, so I PROMISE you that you will finish that story.

This happens because you already went through the trouble of outlining everything, summarizing each chapter and planning amazing characters and ambiance.

Although you might get stuck and get a bit of a writer’s block due to laziness or fear of failing (it is ABSOLUTELY normal), you might as well get through it and finish it because you stop being confused when you outline, you know exactly how to continue and how things are going.

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