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What is a Writer’s Block?

So, you are here because you desperately want to write that story.

You are feeling the calling.

The muse is chanting in your ear.

You dream about writing.

But then you sit down, you open your text creator or you get your piece of paper or your writing machine (if you are from the good old days) and… nothing. Blank.

Or maybe you keep re-reading the last paragraph you wrote days ago because you can’t get anywhere new.

If it is a new story, you might have a general idea. You might want to write about something you saw happening at the shopping mall last Tuesday or maybe your brother just screamed at his computer and you wanted to write about anger issues…

Or maybe you have NO IDEA AT ALL on what to write or how to keep going.

Anyway, you simply can’t do it. You are having a writer’s block!

A writer’s block is a time when a writer, who is supposed to WRITE, simply can’t do it.

Believe me, this has happened to EVERY writer before.

What I am NOT going to tell you about how to get over writer’s block?

‘Go for a walk’, ‘get some tea and stare out of the window’, ‘think about your reasons’.


There is nothing wrong with all these, but you are sitting staring at this terrifying blank page and all your fears are coming to your mind. Why am I not good enough to write stuff? Why am I wasting time? I am sure this shouldn’t be happening. How do I get over writer’s block? I am not good enough, then I should not be wasting time trying to be a writer…

And then you tell ME to go FOR A WALK?


Also, I’ve seen all kinds of advice out there to get inspiration to write and overcome writer’s block: travel, move to somewhere new, quit your job and find your passion, start a new hobby.

Man, I don’t have money to buy a cup of coffee and you are telling me to TRAVEL or to MOVE SOMEWHERE NEW? I am trying to write a best-seller here (because I love to write, but also) to see if I can get some extra bucks! This need to be done HERE WHERE I AM NOW.

Why this HORRIBLE thing is happening to me? Why can’t I get over writer’s block?

The answer probably is ANXIETY.

And anxiety only happens because of fear.

You are AFRAID of it.

Also, you are afraid of either failing or not being able to continue or something like this.

Maybe you probably aren’t even aware that is fear that you are feeling. You are just thinking things like: I just want to watch some Netflix, I deserve it, it has been a long day, I can write later, I can write tomorrow, tomorrow I will be feeling better… and then the terrible thoughts come as well: you lazy monkey, you shouldn’t leave it for tomorrow, you are such an underachiever, I am sure this never happened to Tolkien, etc, etc.

To read more, follow the link: https://isadorafelix.com

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